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Welcome to Spalding Commercial Cleaning

We are fully skilled operatives for high level cleaning using only the highest quality safety access equipment. Risk assesments and comprehensive method statements provided for each job enables us to provide our customers the assurance and reliability they need. We can provide trained hygiene operatives including hygiene management for a complete food processing hygiene service to take away the stress of your hygiene needs.


Air Conditioning

Planned Preventative maintenance carried out at the right time will help air-conditioning equipment to work as it should at the time when its needed most. What would be the point of having paid for air-conditioning if it is not working properly during hot weather when you need it most.

Cabinet Cleaning

It is important to undertake regular cabinet cleaning and cabinet maintenance as evaporators can quickly become iced up preventing the cabinet from keeping the correct temperature. Spillages and debris can fall into the well and block the drain lines, this will cause leaks and pose a Health and Safety risk to staff and customers.

Coldroom Cleaning

Food law enforcement recommends that any type of cold storage and chilled display equipment should be set at 8°C or below. Carrying out regular cleaning to coldroom condenser and de-icing of the coldroom evaporators will maintain the correct temperature in the coldrooms.

Condenser Cleaning

Carrying out condenser cleaning to refrigeration and air-Conditioning equipment on a regular basis will not only lengthen the life of your equipment but will ensure the equipment is working efficiently, this in turn will reduce running cost. Spalding Commercial Cleaning can carry out condenser cleans to various sized condensers and in most locations.

Evaporator Cleaning

Spalding Commercial Cleaning can plan and arrange planned preventative maintenance programmes for cleaning of evaporators to ensure that the equipment is always working at its best and maintain hygiene levels.

Food Production Area Cleaning

Spalding Commercial Cleaning Services is geared for solving hygiene problems and can comprehensively deep clean any food production environment.