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Cabinet Cleaning

Functional Case Cleaning - Cosmetic Case Cleaning - Hygiene Cabinet Cleaning - New Store Commission Cleans - Refurbishment / Refit Cleans - Condensate Tray Cleans


Spalding Commercial Cleaning Services can carry out all types of cabinet cleans to suit your contract requirements from a basic well clean to a full hygiene clean.

It is important to undertake regular cabinet cleaning and cabinet maintenance as evaporators can quickly become iced up preventing the cabinet from keeping the correct temperature. Spillages and debris can fall into the well and block the drain lines, this will cause leaks and pose a Health and Safety risk to staff and customers.

The drains and condensate trays are a breeding ground for bacteria, this can grow at a very fast rate and is another reason to ensure that regular maintenance is carried out. This bacteria forms into a jelly which will causes blockages and then water leaks. Correct condensate tray and drain sanitation and regular cleaning will initially remove the jelly and slow the bacterial growth.

The use of energy is something we should all be concerned with, carrying out routine planned preventative maintenance will ensure on equipment is working efficiently and also reduce energy consumption.

Spalding Commercial Cleaning Services can also undertake the administration for planned maintenance programmes. We can contact stores and arrange convenient times for the preventative planned maintenance (ppm) visits, prepare floor plans and remind stores prior to the ppm date.

We have experience carrying out Cosmetic and Hygiene cleans to refrigeration equipment, this is a cheaper option than installing brand new or even reconditioned equipment.