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Coldroom Cleaning

Retail Coldrooms - Cold Chain Warehouses - Food Storage Hygiene

Food law enforcement recommends that any type of cold storage and chilled display equipment should be set at 8°C or below. Carrying out regular cleaning to coldroom condenser and de-icing of the coldroom evaporators will maintain the correct temperature in the coldrooms.

Hygiene in coldrooms is very important particularly if dealing with fresh meat and produce. Fatty deposits from meat and produce can contaminate the airflow and general ice build up will restrict the airflow. Regular sanitation with a food safe sanitizer will break down and remove fatty deposits stuck on evaporator fins ensure that hygiene levels are maintained.

Coldroom walls, floors and ceilings and internal racking can all be cleaned and sanitized to help maintain and fulfill hygiene requirements.

Spalding Commercial Cleaning Services can carry out coldroom cleans to varying sizes of coldrooms, from a small back up coldroom to a large coldchain warehouse.