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Condenser Cleaning

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Carrying out condenser cleaning to refrigeration and air-Conditioning equipment on a regular basis will not only lengthen the life of your equipment but will ensure the equipment is working efficiently, this in turn will reduce running cost. Spalding Com- mercial Cleaning Services are able to carry out condenser cleans to various sized condensers and in most locations.

Integral condensers will become blocked from every day dust and debris and result in the unit not working properly, this whether you are a large or small retailer could mean loss of stock and sales!

Remote condensers, which are exposed to all natures elements will inevitably result in dirt and debris gathering on the face of the unit and restrict the airflow. This in turn will make the unit work even harder, using more energy than is necessary. It is not unu- sual for remote condensers to be forgotten about, as they are out of eyesight and so out of mind, and it is only when refrigeration equipment is not keeping to temperature or stopped working altogether that the condenser is given any thought or attention.

Planned Preventative maintenance carried out at the right time will help refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment to work as it should at the time when its needed most. No retailer would be happy for refrigeration equipment to fail during their busiest trad- ing period and like wise what is the point of having air-conditioning if it is not working properly during hot weather when you need it most.

Spalding Commercial Cleaning Services can plan and arrange planned preventative maintenance programmes for cleaning of condensers to ensure refrigeration and air- conditioning equipment is always working at its best.