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Evaporator Cleaning

Coldrooms - Cabinets - Air Conditioning - Cellar Coolers

Evaporators can get very dirty and blocked with grime, debris and ice. Regular cleaning will improve the air-flow and maintain hygiene levels.

It is important for refrigeration cabinets, coldroom and air-conditioning evaporators to receive a regular planned maintenance programme and Sanitation. This is to ensure that any bacteria which is harboring in the evaporator is removed, this will in turn reduce the bacteria in any water feeding into the drain lines when the unit is on defrost. When the water finally settles in the drip or condensate tray the bacterial growth will be at a minimum and so reduces any blockages and water leaks.

Spalding Commercial Cleaning Services can plan and arrange planned preventative maintenance programmes for cleaning of evaporators to ensure that the equipment is always working at its best and maintain hygiene levels.